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September 2021

A Point In Time

There are moments in time when significant economic shifts occur that alter the future. One such moment occurred in late August 2019 at the close of the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. This is an annual and exclusive central banking conference to foster open discussion about important and current policy matters.

Bank of England Governor, and former Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney noted at the close of the conference that the world’s Central Banks were resolved to do whatever it took to keep banks solvent and liquid...

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Tax Tips for Sole Proprietors

Freelancer, self-employed, contractor, independent, temporary or gig worker and entrepreneur are all terms used to describe sole proprietors. While sole proprietorship isn’t new, it is most definitely on the rise. Sole proprietorship - popularly referred to as "gig work” or the "gig economy”- is fast becoming a thriving industry in Canada.

A new generation of workers is trading the stability of a traditional job for the flexibility to customize their work around their lives.

In fact, 20-30 percent of the Canadian workforce comprises part-time, freelance, consultant, contractual, temporary, virtual and other contingent workers.1...

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Advice for the Sandwich Generation

It seemed there was nothing her father couldn’t do when Margaret was growing up. He was the most capable person she knew. Widowed by the time he was 55, he lived an independent and full life, never relying on Margaret for anything other than her company.

Four years ago, however, Margaret began noticing changes. Subtle memory slips gradually became more troubling signs, alerting her that her father’s behavior was more than typical ageing. Their family doctor confirmed that he was in the early stages of dementia. He advised her that the disease could progress rapidly and urged her to talk to her father about...

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