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March 2024

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I Want it All and I Want it Now

The neighbors have a shiny new sport utility vehicle to tow their travel trailer. They take a two-week tropical vacation every winter. Their family room is equipped with the latest large screen TV and surround sound stereo system. Many people believe this is a sign of wealth. In fact, this is usually a sign of consumption.

More often than not, the above lifestyle is funded with huge amounts of debt.

Fewer and fewer car ads list actual vehicle prices. Instead, they advertise supposedly low monthly payments. Often these payments are for a lease based on a minimal annual usage. If the vehicle...

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Now is the Time to be Especially Wary

Uncertain economic times and rising rates of unemployment often create a new breed of desperate people. Some turn to frauds and scams as a way out of their troubles. Others become more susceptible to schemes promising to help but, instead, getting bilked out of their dwindling cash reserves. Challenging times tend to bring more frauds and scams out of the woodwork.

Fraudsters are becoming more and more creative at their craft. This comes at a time when financially desperate people are more likely to fall prey to scams as they seek ways out of money troubles. You can protect your hard-earned resources by being wary.

Karen got a phone call from someone claiming to be from a charity she often supported and was...

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The Five Insurance Must Haves

Insurance is, and has always been, a tool to manage risk. If you cannot afford to ’lose’ something, it is best to insure it. As with many other financial situations, there are various solutions designed to protect against financial losses. The five types of insurance everyone should have are:

Life Insurance – The primary reason to have life insurance is to replace an income that will be lost on death and to meet financial obligations that are left behind. No person’s debts should last longer than them and life insurance can be a very economical way to pay them off if you die too soon. Also, it is becoming more common for people to carry significant debt into their retirement.

If someone is relying on your income, they will...

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Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.

George Addair

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