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November 2022

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Generating Investment Returns

During our ongoing weekly discussions with clients, we occasionally get questions from individuals about their approach to investing – particularly in terms of fees and value.

The questions are usually focused on the cost of accessing investment advice, or the cost of buying specific investment vehicles such as mutual funds, ETFs etc. With the rise of fintech, trading platforms for smartphones and so on, we also hear questions about the technology related to buying, selling, and monitoring investments.

The "trap" with "new" technology is the lack of clear focus on the process of constructing and monitoring a complete portfolio (RRSP, TFSA, Open investments) as opposed...

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Get Smart Savings Tips

Balance in life is essential for well-being. Since finances are a number one stressor for most Canadians1, how you manage your money plays a key role in finding and maintaining that balance.

We’ve curated some savings tips to help ensure you can enjoy your life now while also saving for your future.


A budget is the best tool to help you achieve financial balance. It’s essentially a transparent summary of your income and expenses for a given time. A budget helps you identify needs versus wants, manage spending, and adapt your spending as life changes occur. You could create either a monthly or yearly budget, but it needs to be ...

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Estate Plans and Your Children

After spending a lifetime managing your money to ensure that you actually have something to leave to your heirs, there are some questions that might naturally spring to mind. How much should you leave them? Should you make arrangements to give it to them while you’re still alive? More importantly, will giving them a large sum of money actually help them or set them up for failure? These are just three of the most important things you should consider before setting up your estate distribution plan.

More than a third of younger Canadians are building financial strategies that rely, at least in part, on anticipated future inheritances. Many of them are aware that the country is roughly halfway through a period of unprecedented generational wealth transfer that amounts to about one trillion dollars. If your estate is sizeable enough to...

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