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May 2021

What’s Your Investing Personality?

Just as each of us is unique as a person, we also have a distinct investing personality. One isn’t better or worse than the other, but understanding "who” you are as an investor is helpful, no matter your circumstances, or how much money you have to invest.

While it’s a complex matter that depends on various factors, exploring the questions below may give you some preliminary insight into your investing personality...

What’s your risk tolerance?

Can you accept the potential risk of short-term losses, with the possibilities...

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The Many Benefits of RESPs

As busy parents, just meeting your family’s needs each day can eclipse thoughts of the future. Add to that juggling act the cost of running a home, daycare, mortgage and car payments, and it’s easy to see how setting funds aside for a child’s future education can become something you’ll "do later" when you have the time and money.

Your procrastination could result in a hefty price tag down the road, however. With tuition and expenses rising steadily, sending your child to university is projected to cost $153,000 by the year 2039.1 Not planning for that today could result in huge student loan debt for your child in the future. Sadder yet, the prohibitive cost could mean she might not...

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The Power of You

The key financial planning lesson that Covid-19 has taught us all, is that no matter how many scenarios a person considers, it is extremely difficult to get it perfectly right.

Covid has impacted Canadians’ ability to hold, build and keep cash reserves. For many, it has affected their ability to work and earn a living, and for many small business owners, it has threatened their very survival. No matter how much planning small business owners did before the pandemic hit, very few set aside enough capital reserves for 12 months or more.

Retirees have seen travel plans go out the window. Their entire vision of "retirement lifestyle" has been dramatically altered. For example, many new grandparents have been unable...

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