December 2020

Financial Wisdom

Is Inflation Missing?

Many commentators are expecting increased inflation in the coming months as Central Banks globally have massively ramped up their money creation efforts in response to the increased market volatility last March.

There are different types of inflation, but most people have experienced price inflation, whereby excess demand is met by rising prices. The next round of anticipated inflation could be different than what most people are familiar with.

The societal lockdowns experienced globally because of Covid-19 throughout much of 2020, will eventually very likely be the...


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Holiday Spending Strategies

The holiday season is a time for connection and giving, but it can also be costly. According to PwC Canada’s 2019 Holiday Outlook report1, Canadians spent an average of $1593 on holiday shopping last year. As this year’s present buying season begins, here are some helpful tips that could help you avoid overspending and taking on consumer debt that could follow you into the new year.

Create an informed budget

Understanding what you spent last year can help you create a realistic budget to guide your spending this year. Don’t forget to factor in other holiday spending items such as groceries, holiday cards, postage stamps...

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Protect Yourself From Scams

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 45,000 Canadians lost more than $96 million to online and telephone scams in 20191. These stats are rising dramatically in our post-COVID reality. In April 2020 alone, there were 6566 reports and 2317 victims defrauded of over $8.3 million. The isolation and anxiety brought about by the global pandemic have inspired con artists to up their game against unsuspecting victims.

These ruthless hackers target anyone, but it’s seniors who most often fall prey to their schemes. 92% of Canadian seniors live at home, making them particularly vulnerable2. When it happens, many are too...

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