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Era of Rising Interest Rates

The recent increases in the Bank of Canada and Federal Reserve prime rate in the past few months signal the end of historically low interest rates. According to a Bank of England study released in early 2016, current low interest rates are the lowest in 5000 years of recorded history!

Media reports in July pointed to a Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) report that warns the debt service ratio (the percentage of gross income needed to cover debt repayment costs) will move up by 3.5% by 2021 to 16.3% from the average of 12.9% seen between 1990 and 2017.

The increase is expected to leave heavily indebted Canadian households stretched...

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Making the Most of Your TFSA

Being such a new program, many Canadians do not fully understand the long-term power of the TFSA tax savings opportunities. It is much more than just an opportunity for saving–it can be a powerful and incredibly effective tool for an overall investment strategy. Here are some ways that you can use the TFSA for your long-term benefit and financial empowerment.

While many Canadians consider the TFSA to be nothing more than a savings account, its potential as an ideal account for long-term equity investments is difficult to overstate. Consider the power offered by long-lasting compound growth in a TFSA account above simple cash savings.

For example, if someone in the 40 percent tax bracket were to invest $5000 to earn a one percent...

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Helping Elderly Parents Manage Their Money

It is always a difficult transition when people move from being the ones taking care of their family to the position where their family takes care of them. This is especially true when it comes to finances. Because these changes usually happen very gradually, many adult children do not immediately recognize the need their parents may have for additional help with managing their finances. In many cases, aging parents simply don’t feel comfortable asking children or other family members for help.

That is where you come in. With sensitivity and knowledge, you can help your parents effectively manage their financial matters using some of these tips. Below we’ve listed some ways to help you ensure your elderly parent’s finances are properly managed without you needing to take complete control yourself.

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