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There is Risk and There is Risk

The penny finally dropped a couple of months ago during a client conversation about the risk of investing in the equity markets.

The client was reluctant to commit money to the investment markets and gave me several reasons - "the markets were too high and ready to crash", "there were safer alternatives", "I never fully recovered my money from the 2008 Credit Crisis" - to justify his point of view.

And that got me thinking about how the financial industry views risk and how our clients perceive risk...

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Four Financial Promises to Keep

We’ve had a few weeks to make and break our New Year’s resolutions. Now is a good time to make some promises to give your finances an extra boost in 2018 and help see you better off by year-end.

1. Promise to make the biggest RRSP contribution you can.

When it comes to improving both your immediate and long-term financial position, an RRSP deposit can deliver big time. First, you are putting money away for your future and reaping tax savings now. Second, your investment is tax-sheltered until retirement, meaning you don’t have to pay taxes on the investments until...

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Are you a Retirement Savings Late Starter?

Harry and Sally both earned high incomes and liked to live the good life. They leased higher end European cars, took two-week exotic vacations almost every year, and lived in a house much larger than they truly needed. To accomplish this lifestyle, they put off retirement savings. Now in their forties, Harry and Sally are realizing they have some catching up to do. Six things to consider are:

Delay no more - Procrastination or bad breaks may have derailed a savings plan. Now is the time to make savings a priority.

Pay off the house - Avoiding mortgage payments in retirement can dramatically reduce...

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