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We've Launched Swift Insure!

In our ongoing efforts to serve our clients better, we have launched Swift Insure, our self-serve life insurance platform. Part of our mission is making sure that individuals and families have the appropriate insurances in place.

This platform extends our ability to get people appropriate life insurance coverage across BC.

The platform has 3 key benefits...

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Advice for Small Business Owners

Similar to the situation of individual Canadians, small business owners must deal with a variety of financial challenges in order to grow their businesses. Besides managing issues like cash flow and assets, small businesses must also think about taxes on income.

Without a doubt, tax return filing can be an intimidating experience for many business owners, but the process can be greatly simplified simply by keeping good financial records.

Plan ahead and have an informed estimate on your year-end financial results well in advance of the tax deadline...

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Should You Prepare Your Own Will?

Earl wants to control the distribution of his estate when he dies and feels that a Will is a good idea. He had heard the ads on radio and TV about do-it-yourself Wills and bought a National Legal Will Kit.

The booklet he received a few weeks later contained lots of useful information. There was a Glossary of Legal Terms that helped Earl understand the language of Wills and estates.

It contained a Checklist for Your Estate Trustee which lists those things that will need to be done with his estate when he dies. He will have to remember to give a copy of this list to his Trustee...

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