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The Last Quarter of a Difficult 2020

2020 will be a year for the ages and certainly not because it's been a good one. As I write this, COVID-19 cases have crossed 25,500,000 across the globe with 6,200,0001 in the USA alone. It's hard to imagine that only six months ago, there were internet memes going around talking about how there were less than 100,000 cases and showing seasonal flu to be a bigger threat.

Back in early March, there were less than 4,0001 COVID-related deaths across the entire planet. There were comparisons to Influenza showing that it takes 300,000 to 650,000 lives every year. As of September of this year, we've seen over...

History is a Good Teacher

Like many young adults, Lindsay took what her parents had to say with a grain of salt when it came to money. A new college graduate with an entry-level job, she was more interested in spending her paycheques than saving them. Saving was for later, she thought. Life was for living. When her father raised an eyebrow or offered advice, she brushed him off.

Then came the financial collapse of 2008. Lindsay lost her job and moved back into her parents’ basement, regretting immediately almost every dollar she had blown.

As the economy slowly recovered over the next couple of years, Lindsay found a new...

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Empty Nests and New Beginnings

The term ’empty nest’ evokes different feelings for everyone. It may have happened way too fast or maybe it took far too long, but with all your children almost grown and out of the house, a new phase of your life is about to begin.

As with every stage of your journey, finances will play a key role in what’s possible for you during your empty nest phase. By fine-tuning your current financial strategy and looking ahead at future challenges, you will be better positioned to achieve the success you deserve.

Retirement Savings

If you already have retirement savings in place...

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