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With the end of summer drawing closer, many families turn their thoughts towards Fall activities and events tied to the beginning of a new school year. In our fast-paced, rapidly-changing world, higher education is increasingly essential to help young people achieve their dreams.

As millions of students prepare for a return to school every September, parents and grandparents alike often wonder about how to plan for the future costs of their children and grandchildren attending either a trade school or university.

The good news is that the parents and guardians can use a Registered Education Saving Plan to help cover some or all the costs associated with a post secondary education.

Contact our office if you have questions about your education planning options.

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Build Your Wealth Together

The wedding and honeymoon are over and you’re settling in to your new life. You’ve accomplished many goals together over the past year with compromises being made over wedding plans, honeymoon destination, and a million and one other details. As you settle in for a long and fruitful life together, it’s an ideal time to discuss your financial goals and map out an effective tax strategy that supports it.

The subject of tax planning for couples seldom makes the list of top priorities when beginning a new life together. That’s too bad as it is one of the top wealth building strategies that couples can undertake...

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Investment Risk in Retirement Years

As Joe Farnsworth* from Toronto discovered, published return percentages do not necessarily tell the whole story of an investment portfolio performance. Joe retired 9 years ago from the Toronto Police Service from which he collects a serviceable pension each month.

When Joe retired he decided to try investing his life savings ($300,000) on his own in a mix of stock mutual funds so he could also see some growth in his savings.

When the market swooned shortly after he invested his money, Joe stayed invested in order to ride it out and when the market recovered he benefited...

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