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The Evolution of Advice

To get the best out of your current financial advisor, you need to better appreciate what kind of advice is available to you today versus in the past. And more importantly, what the provision of advice now and in future may look like and how this may impact your ability to access quality advice.

The rich do and will always have the ability to pay for the best advice available. The vast majority of Canadians have a more limited ability to access advice depending upon their personal financial resources.

In the 1970s, most people accessed financial products through a transactional model...

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Are you Prepared for the Unexpected?

Besides ’death’ and ’taxes’, the other certainty in life is that life is full of unexpected events. So why aren’t we more prepared for financial stresses when they occur?

With the odds of an unexpected event such as a job loss, a medical emergency, a debilitating accident, or a death in the family fairly high when you consider them all together, many Canadian families are just one paycheque away from financial disaster. When these risks are considered as a whole, the question is not IF a financial shock will occur, but when.

The issue really comes down to individual responsibility and common sense foresight. Financial stresses always arrive when...

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Debt Reduction as a Retirement Savings Strategy

Statistics Canada recently reported the ratio of household credit market debt to disposable income reached the highest level since the agency began tracking this figure. In 1990 it was 50%, rose to 110% in 2000 and jumped to 171% by the fourth quarter of 2017.

This can cause some angst for those with children reaching post-secondary school age.

Sam and Marsha are in their mid-forties and have a 17-year old daughter, Alicia. They have lived a more frugal lifestyle than most in their age group. Until now, they haven’t given too much thought to when and how they want to retire, but with their daughter already looking at colleges, and with a sizable...

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