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Back to Basics!

What problems does the financial industry solve for Canadian consumers? Where is the value added for interacting with the financial industry and why use an Advisor versus doing it yourself online? To address these questions, here is a refresher on why the financial industry exists in the first place.

Simply speaking, there are two basic functions for the financial industry...

The first is providing transaction processing and credit access, which includes bank deposits for pay cheques...

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Can You Be Over-Insured?

Determining how much to insure the items we own and use every day is not too difficult – all we have to do is determine their relative value and insure them to that amount so that they can be replaced in the event that they are stolen, lost or destroyed.

Conversely, it is not quite so easy to place a monetary value on a human life, so how do we determine how much is an appropriate amount for life insurance?

If a married couple wants to guarantee that...

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Identifying Alzheimer’s Symptoms

As the human brain ages and matures, it’s perfectly natural for memory to undergo a great deal of changes. The brain becomes less pliable and less able to form memories, which can lead to occasional forgetfulness or absent-mindedness.

More severe symptoms might be a sign of something more serious, such as Alzheimer’s. According to research collected by organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society of...

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