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The Shifting Economic Winds

There will likely be many impacts on the global economy resulting from the Russia-Ukraine War. The biggest casualty will most likely be the end of the "business as usual" mindset that most Canadians have lived by since at least 1980, if not since the end of World War Two.

Just like the nostalgic desire to return to "life before Covid", there tends to be a deeply held belief that any future recessions, trade wars (or other economic disruptions) will be temporary events that fade into the night. And then you can get on with the financial planning methods that have served...

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When Interest Rates Rise

One way to curb rising inflation is to increase interest rates, and that is what the Bank of Canada (BoC) is expected to do incrementally - over the next year. As interest rates begin to tick upward, it is an ideal time to look at your financial position, including your debt and savings strategies.

Rates hikes and your debt

Simply put, higher interest rates increase the cost of borrowing money. This is especially true for any variable-rate debt you may have. Variable-rate debts include home equity lines of credit and some types of mortgages, loans, student loans and credit cards.

Variable-rates are tied to the BoC’s interest rate, so they are a prudent financial choice when ...

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Estate Planning Tips and Traps

Julia wants to make sure that her estate passes to her heirs with as little hassle and cost as possible when she dies. She knows she needs a will and decides to buy a do-it-yourself will kit. When she opened it, she soon discovered some serious shortcomings.

Advertised as a ’legal will kit,’ she learned that the term ’legal’ simply means that the kit does not break any laws. A disclaimer on the first page states that the publisher assumes no responsibility for the validity of a will prepared by the purchaser. Julia certainly wants her will to be valid, so she decided to have a lawyer...

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