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December 2022

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Year End Planning Tips

Now is usually the best time to consider harvesting tax losses before the year-end to manage your overall income tax situation, based on various types of earned or investment incomes.

Investors have a few weeks left to sell unwanted assets like individual stocks, mutual funds, cryptos, equity funds, bond funds and so on. The settlement date must occur within the 2022 calendar year or by December 30th. You should also be aware of how the Christmas Holiday break may affect settlement timeframes.

Normally, investors often seek to offset capital gains earned in some investments by selling investments that are showing a loss from the original purchase...

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Beware of Travel Scams

If you are planning a holiday, it is wise to be aware of the six most common travel scams you might encounter on your journey. Travel scams vary from country to country, but a few scams are commonly found almost everywhere.

We have put together a list to help you stay safe during your adventure.

Taxis - Unethical taxi drivers often illegally adjust the meter which results in exorbitant fees for the traveler. To avoid this, ask hotel or restaurant staff to call you a taxi from a reputable company. You can also opt to use an app like Uber to find local rides for fixed costs that you know in advance.

Rentals - Travellers who have rented scooters, jet skis or bikes have reported returning them to angry proprietors accusing them of damage and...

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The Ravages of Alzheimer’s

The Baby Boomers have become known as the sandwich generation as they are wedged between the dependency needs of aging parents and the needs of their children. Those hit the hardest have been the families ravaged by the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Baby Boomers now find themselves reaching the age when the disease is more likely to strike. Very few are prepared for the emotional and financial toll this degenerative disease can take.

Most everyone has been touched by it or knows someone who has. Nothing can ever prepare us for the emotional ordeal when it strikes someone close to us. Very few people are prepared for the financial burden of extended care for Alzheimer’s victims.

Dementia generally starts out...

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